Waverley Excursions

Clyde Summer Season

After the poor weather of the Western Isles and Bristol Channel, the start of the Clyde summer season provided the best prolonged period of weather I can remember during my time in Command of Waverley.

Passenger figures soared along with the temperature and short sleeve shirts were the rig of the day for most of July!

Highlights of the Clyde were a glorious long days run to Campbeltown and Sanda along with the sight of hundreds of passengers queuing to join the Ship at Largs…..shades of the “good old days” we hear so much about….brought about ironically by a distinct lack of shade!!!

Most of WAVERLEY’s crew are firmly established, but our newer crew members were by now fitting in well to our close knit team.

Zibi as Bosun and Vlad as Chief Steward were both performing well in their new supervisory roles and I was particularly pleased by both the performance and smart appearance of our stewardess’. They proved to be an asset to the Ship.

The Officers and I enjoyed the break from our usual duties when we hosted many guests at a Cocktail Party and two “Scott Suppers” on board as part of our push to raise awareness of WAVERLEY with politicians and industry leaders around the country.

The Catering Department however kept their sleeves rolled up to provide the meals and refreshments on all these occasions and we thank them for their hard work.

Although August’s weather never matched up to July, passenger figures remained fairly good so all in all the Clyde summer season was a successful one.

Captain Andy O’Brian – Senior Master