Waverley Excursions

About The Charity

Waverley Steam Navigation Co. Ltd, a charity registered in Scotland, was set up in 1975 to preserve Waverley – the World’s last seagoing Paddle Steamer in operating condition.

It seeks to preserve the physical heritage of Waverley, the Paddle Steamer, as well as the social history of paddle steamers, for the maximum benefit and enjoyment of the communities around the coast of the UK and for future generations.

It’s Education and Interpretation Policy seeks to instruct those aboard the ship and any interested party, in maritime heritage as it relates to Waverley.  Its Access Policy undertakes to provide access to the ship for all where possible, not only geographically but also socially and physically.

The Directors of the Charity are all volunteers and are responsible for ensuring that the Conservation Policy for the ship is implemented.

Fundraising is a key part in ensuring that Waverley is able to continue to educate, inspire and delight the communities of the UK, and the Charity seeks financial support from public and private sectors as well as donations from individuals to ensure that Waverley continues to sail.

It also works closely with its subsidiary, Waverley Excursions Ltd – the operators of the ship, in ensuring that the charitable objectives are met during the operation.

The current Chairman of the Charity is Lawrie Sinclair who was appointed in November 2014.

Lawrie has enjoyed a successful career in shipbuilding and repair, and served as Managing Director at three different yards from 1981 to 2000. He then became Managing Director of Caledonian MacBrayne Ltd before retiring in 2010 when he took a position on the Board of Waverley Excursions Ltd.

The Waverley Charity is committed to inspiring future generations by preserving our industrial past; by celebrating the country’s maritime and engineering achievements; and to protecting the public spend on the ship and the investment that Waverley’s supporters have made, in both time and money, since she has been in preservation.

Paddle Steamer Waverley – A Vital Part of Community Life

CONNECTING – Over 140,000 passengers enjoy a trip aboard Waverley each year – over 5million have sailed on the ship since 1975. The operation generates over £5m for the economy in jobs and vital tourist expenditure. Many of the communities Waverley visits are rural and the ship’s operation provides a transport link for locals and tourists alike.

INSPIRING & EDUCATING – Waverley is Britain’s largest interactive exhibit and provides an unparalleled way of learning about our maritime and social history. It connects local people with the river and coastal heritage, industrial heritage and marine environment. The Waverley Academy provides training opportunities for Deck and Engineering Cadets, retrains volunteers and preserves traditional skills. Through the preservation and celebration of our maritime, social and industrial heritage, Waverley offers a truly unique platform for inspiring new generations.

ENTERTAINING – Waverley is the last survivor of a 200 year tradition of pleasure cruises on Paddle Steamers. Preserving customs and memories of bygone days with sailings on the River Thames and through London’s TowerBridge; along heritage coastlines in Somerset, Devon & Wales; along the Jurassic Coast of England and round the Isle of Wight. Nowhere was the tradition stronger than in the West Coast of Scotland, where a trip ‘Doon the Watter’ transports visitors to the stunning scenery of the islands of the Firth of Clyde in unrivalled style. A trip aboard Waverley is one of the most enjoyable days out in the UK, and a totally unique experience.

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