Waverley Excursions


Lundy Sunday saw 655 passengers travel to Ilfracombe and Lundy, our morning call at Penarth having to be extended slightly as our previous pier call was way back at Liverpool and the ship’s fresh water was at a critically low level.

Monday was a scheduled off service day and we locked into Avonmouth for fuel and more fresh water.

Tuesday and Wednesday saw capacity loadings to Ilfracombe and the Severn Bridges / Holm Islands with high pressure dominating and light winds.

Again off service on Thursday we again locked in at Avonmouth for Bunkers, water and stores.

Our weekend consisted of the “England – Wales Ferry” day, our double shuffle at Minehead and one final Ilfracombe sailing with an Altantic Coast cruise, carrying over 400, 400 and 600 passengers respectively

Small tides, very light winds and fairly calm seas made for a very pleasant end to our brief Bristol Channel visit, and with excellent passenger figures plus the burden of the fuel costs to and from Scotland being shared between 3 operating areas, I am hopeful that this year’s Channel sailings have both covered running costs and contributed towards the ships fixed overheads.

Monday 8th September @ 06:00. Swansea Coastguard. E or NE 3 or 4 becoming variable.

We locked out of Avonmouth at 10:00 and headed for Weymouth. ETA 9th September @ 09:30

Captain Andy O’Brian,
Senior Master