Waverley Excursions

The Long Goodbye

The run for home started with a delay due to strong winds which was to result in the latest arrival back on the Clyde I have seen in my time with WAVERLEY….

…an extra night in London followed by an extra night in Gravesend then an extended period in Weymouth, when it became obvious that the weather was not going to allow us to round Land’s End and that the Clyde weekend would not be achieved.

We said goodbye to all the Catering Staff who flew home at the end of a long, hard and very successful season for them, but then came the problem of all the other crew…

…they too had been working all season with very little leave, the date when we had all expected to be home had passed and people had family commitments and dates in their diaries.

The decision was taken to lay the ship up in Southampton for a couple of weeks to allow people to get some leave & see their families while I watched the forecasts on a daily basis for a spell of settled weather during which the ship could comfortably get round Land’s End and home to Glasgow.

This ultimately came about while I was on holiday. The plans were in place however, with fuel, stores and crew all arranged, and as soon as Captain Steve Colledge (who had agreed to be on stand-by during my absence) called me in Turkey, we agreed the weather was suitable and pushed the button. Six days later the ship was securely berthed alongside at Glasgow Science Centre.

Planning has already begun for 2015, but that’s another story…..

Captain A.T. O’Brian Senior Master