Waverley Excursions

The Winter on Waverley

Ken Henderson and his team worked extremely hard over the cold winter months to complete all of these survey items to MCA satisfaction before the ship even gets near dry-dock… that mythical place where folk think all repair work is done!!!

Timetables for Waverley were written and checked with all necessary authorities and agencies before bunker schedules, sailing instructions and hours of rest schedules were completed.

Then the dry-dock specification was written, Safety Management System reviewed, a hundred and one administrative tasks carried out. With checking on the ship, her crew and volunteers, and sneaking in some annual leave the winter passed very quickly and before we knew it we were racing the clock to get the ship ready for our early May Western Isles sailings.
This winter also saw us organise and run a volunteer open day – which resulted in some excellent new skilled volunteers joining our team, and the very successful 1st Annual Scott Supper which was a valuable profile raising exercise, and about which everyone is still talking!

With less than a week to go before we carried our first passengers of 2013, the crew assembled and transformed the ship from her winter ‘building site’ appearance back into a classic ship fit for passenger service. We duly passed the MCA inspection and fire / lifeboat drill and were good to go by the evening of Thursday 2nd May.