• Boiler Refit Appeal

    Paddle Steamer Waverley was withdrawn for the 2019 season due to requiring new boilers. An appeal to Save The Waverley has already raised £2.2 million - only £100,000 is still required to reach the appeal target. PLEASE DONATE TODAY AND HELP SAVE WAVERLEY.

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Welcome to Waverley

Paddle Steamer Waverley did not sail in 2019 as she requires new boilers. An appeal to SAVE THE WAVERLEY has been running to raise the £2.3 million required to return Waverley to service in 2020. This appeal has now raised £2.2 million – thank you to everyone who has donated. 

You can make a one off donation now by clicking the link below or set up a Direct Debit to give a fixed amount each month and help safeguard the Waverley’s future. Click here to set up a Direct Debit on-line now.

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We appreciate all donations to help Save Waverley.

Progress Summary to Date:

£2.3M Appeal Launched (June 2019)

New Boilers Ordered (July 2019)

Over £500,000 donated by individuals, three new generators ordered (Aug 2019)

New Main Electric Switch Board ordered and all other electrical components (Aug 2019)

Appeal Total Reaches £850,000 (Sept 2019)

Scottish Government Announce £1 million Support & Appeal Total Reaches £1.9 million (21st Sept)

Appeal Total Passes £2 million milestone (October 2019)

Appeal Total Reaches £2.2 million milestone (November 2019)