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Waverley Academy

The Waverley Academy seeks to engage students in a unique way, provide them with hands-on experience and inspire them to progress careers in the marine industry. The Academy serves to preserve traditional skills which were once in abundance in the West of Scotland, along with providing training suitable for a 21st century environment.

The Academy comprises four distinct parts. We have the Deck Training Academy and the Engineering Initiative, already mentioned above, but we also run a fairly extensive Volunteer programme in which many of our volunteers learn new skills. We are developing a Schools programme which offers a package which can easily be incorporated into the Curriculum for Excellence.

Since the Academy’s launch, Waverley welcomed two Officer cadets onboard the ship and provided essential training and valuable sea time to enable them to progress their career at sea. Through the winter seasons, we have worked in partnership with the Weir Group who have placed apprentices on board. Each apprentice was given exposure to a broad range of marine engineering disciplines and have been provided with a strong foundation for their future careers.

This initiative is not a new one. Since the early 90’s the Waverley organisation has been training people in a range of maritime skills. More than 100 people have benefited and many of the graduates of this training programme can now be found in senior roles across the industry in all corners of the world!

All this has been achieved by using our own funds, however the cost of training has increased significantly over the years and we have pulled all our resources together and have officially launched the Waverley Academy. We are seeking funding to support this initiative.

Future participants will gain significant training on an iconic vessel that holds an important place in British maritime history, and learn from highly experienced professional staff and volunteers.

To find out more or pledge your support, call our office on 0141 243 2224 or email: info@waverleyexcursions.co.uk