Waverley has been withdrawn from service for 2019 and urgently needs new boilers or she will never sail again. We need your support now to save this magnificent vessel. PLEASE DONATE TODAY AND HELP SAVE WAVERLEY.

Donate Today & Help Save The Waverley


Fundraising tickets

If you are a registered Charity or formally constituted fundraising organisation, why not raise money for your good cause with Fundraising tickets?

You can sell Waverley Fundraising Tickets to your supporters, friends, relations etc, and receive 25% from each ticket sold. You will offer your group a great day out and the chance to support your good cause.

To be eligible for Fundraising tickets you must sell in excess of 50 tickets. Cruise dates are subject to availability. Once your excursion has been confirmed, tickets will be issued to you in order to enable you to start raising funds. One week prior to the excursion, we would require you to return any unsold tickets along with full payment for all tickets sold.

After the sail date a cheque will be issued to the charitable organisation you have chosen, for 25% of your total ticket sales

Private hire for Charities

Waverley is available for private hire at reduced rates to raise funds for your good cause. Waverley offers a unique platform for you to raise funds for your chosen charity and raise awareness of the charity’s aims and objectives.

For example:


Sell 500 tickets @ £ 20 per person £10,000
Auction/Raffle during event £500


Cost to hire Waverley e.g for an Evening 1930-2300 -£5,500
Administration and Marketing -£500
Band -£500

Total raised for Charity £4,000

For more information, please call 0141 243 2224 or email info@waverleyexcursions.co.uk