New Boilers in Waverley

Waverley’s two new boilers were fitted in the first few days of April, completing a major refit milestone.

Each boiler, weighing 21 tonnes apiece, was gently lowered into position on Waverley and securely bolted to its hull mountings.

Work to complete the steam installation and to rebuild the boiler room is continuing, but at a much-reduced pace due to the many consequences of the Covid-19 restrictions. Electrical installation has paused completely for the same reasons.

The timing of the tightly-managed project to return Waverley to service has now become hard to predict. We understand how the friends. supporters and loyal customers of Waverley have been looking forward to the 2020 sailing programme, and just to know Waverley is sailing once more.

The uncertainty due to the pandemic, especially around social gathering, means we don’t know whether we can welcome passengers on board in 2020. We are keeping plans under constant review and waiting to see how and when government guidance evolves.

Everyone at Waverley is working hard to return Waverley to service and looks forward to welcoming passengers back aboard. As soon as a plan becomes possible or if we get to the point where it’s simply not feasible we’ll issue further information.

What is certain, with her two new boilers, new generators and new switchboards now in place, and her annual drydocking now complete – Waverley will steam again!