New Boilers in Waverley

Waverley’s two new boilers were fitted in the first few days of April, completing a major refit milestone. Each boiler, weighing 21 tonnes apiece, was gently lowered into position on Waverley and securely bolted to its hull mountings. Work to complete the steam installation and to rebuild the boiler room is continuing, but at a … Continued

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Waverley update – 20th March

Waverley’s boiler refit has continued to progress with the three new generators being installed in the boiler room this week. Waverley is currently in dry dock and will soon return to the James Watt Dock where the new boilers will be installed. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic there will be a delay in publishing the … Continued

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Waverley Enters Dry Dock

On March 2nd Waverley was moved into Garvel dry dock, Greenock. During the dry docking there will be some steel renewals in the boiler room before the new boilers are installed. The annual hull survey work and hull painting will be completed during this docking. Some additional work will also be undertaken on the hull … Continued

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