Waverley has been withdrawn from service for 2019 and urgently needs new boilers or she will never sail again. We need your support now to save this magnificent vessel. PLEASE DONATE TODAY AND HELP SAVE WAVERLEY.

Donate Today & Help Save The Waverley

Safety Information

For your comfort and safety we would ask you to note the following:

  • Please listen to the loudspeaker announcements made throughout the voyage and take note of the posters giving safety information that are on display throughout the ship
  • Please proceed with care when moving around the ship. Decks may be wet due to spray or effects of the weather and sea conditions may make the ship roll or pitch
  • Please supervise children and in doing so note the comfort of others. Do not allow them to run around the decks or climb on seats and under no circumstances allow them to climb the guardrails at the side of the ship
  • Please take care when moving onto or from stairways and over the step provided at doorways. Hold onto the handrail whilst going up or downstairs
  • Only consume alcohol in moderation. The ship’s captain has powers to refuse to embark passengers he judges to be intoxicated or to remove them from the ship
  • If you are disabled, have impaired mobility are infirm, or for any other reason have difficulty in moving around the ship, please ask the purser or any other crew member for assistance
  • Please do not throw rubbish of any kind overboard.

If you have any observations or suggestions for safety aboard Waverley please write to: Director of Safety; Waverley Excursions Ltd; Waverley Terminal; 36 Lancefield Quay; Glasgow G3 8HA.