Waverley has been withdrawn from service for 2019 and urgently needs new boilers or she will never sail again. We need your support now to save this magnificent vessel. PLEASE DONATE TODAY AND HELP SAVE WAVERLEY.

Donate Today & Help Save The Waverley

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Become a Waverley Champion!

Cat Harvey has championed Waverley’s cause for a number of years. Cat presents on Radio Scotland and is a Sunday Mail Columnist.



We are looking for supporters who want to champion Waverley’s cause and help spread the word to gather support for our Save The Waverley appeal.

Be our Voice – tell everyone you know, tell them Waverley needs support or she will never sail again.

Set up a Supporters Group – hold fundraising and awareness raising events in your local area. We can help by providing posters/banners/collection cans/leaflets.

Hold your own Fundraising Event for Waverley – this could be a coffee morning, a sponsored walk, a quiz night, dinner party or any other steam raising idea you can think of! You are only limited by your imagination. Click here for the Sponsorship form.

Take part in an organised challenge event – run a local 10k race or marathon, cycle ride, abseil or zipslide to raise funds to Save The Waverley.

Ask a local business or personal contacts to help – this could be anything from stocking Appeal Flyers/Leaflets or a collection can in a shop to a corporate donation.

Donate in lieu of a celebration – a birthday, anniversary or in memory of a loved one who enjoyed sailing on Waverley. We know Waverley has touched the lives of so many people throughout her 44 year preservation career. We need to save Waverley and make more memories afloat on the World’s Last Sea-Going Paddle Steamer.

Be sure to tell us how you are acting as a WAVERLEY CHAMPION. Email appeal@waverleyexcursions.co.uk and send us details of how you are helping to Save The Waverley. You can help us to inspire others by allowing us to share your story and pictures with others.




Donate now to Save The Waverley. 



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