The Paddle Steamer Preservation Society

The PSPS has provided over £3.5 million towards Waverley since 1974 to keep her sailing. Society members gain exclusive benefits including access to discount tickets for sailing on Waverley and a free copy of Paddle Wheels magazine every three months with news on Waverley and other paddle steamers. New members can join online today.

PSPS members can take advantage of exclusive multiple cruise discounts by purchasing Waverley Sailing Passes and/or Go Anywhere Vouchers. These can be purchased online, by calling 0141 243 2224 or by using the order form given below.

PSPS Support for the Boiler Refit Appeal

The PSPS acted quickly to provide support for Waverley when the ship was withdrawn from service for the 2019 season which allowed Waverley’s owning charity to launch a fundraising appeal. The Society has also provided funding towards the appeal and is the single largest contributor after the Scottish Government.

The PSPS has provided the following support towards Waverley since May 2019:

  • Grant for £252,000 to cover the cost of dry docking in April 2019 and winter refit costs for the 2018-19 winter
  • Donations in excess of £320,000 have been received from the PSPS Boiler Refit Appeal
  • £1,855 raised from a fundraising cruise at Plockton arranged by PSPS member Mandy Ragsdale (Pictured below)

  • Grant from the Scottish Branch for £4,362, which was the value of the deposits for charters arranged in 2019
  • Grant for £2,000 from the North of England and North Wales Branch
  • £1,626 raised by the Wessex and Dart Branch from a fundraising cruise on Solent Scene along the Jurassic Coast from Poole.

  • Grant for £10,000 from the Scottish Branch (Pictured below – Scottish Branch Chairman, Murray Paterson hands over the £10,000 cheque to Waverley’s General Manager, Paul Semple.)

  • Grant for £5,000 from the London and Home Counties Branch (Pictured below – London Branch Secretary, David Green, presents Paul Semple with a cheque for £5,000 towards the Boiler Refit Appeal.)



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