Welcome Aboard Waverley

Step aboard Waverley – The last seagoing paddle steamer in the World – and experience the sight, sound and thrill of travelling on this famous steamship.

Hear the telegraph ring and watch the mighty steam engine start to drive the ship’s massive paddle wheels, marvel at the skill of the captain and crew as Waverley berths at a pier, view the stunning coastline and don’t forget to visit the Souvenir Shop and purchase an exclusive memento.

Paddle steamer Waverley is registered on The National Historic Fleet as being a vessel of pre-eminent national significance. She has operated in preservation since 1975 and become a “national treasure” carrying over 6 million passengers.

Waverley is the sole survivor and has become an icon in her own lifetime. In 2020 you can step aboard as she makes her triumphant return to service following her £2.3 million boiler refit.