Waverley has been withdrawn from service for 2019 and urgently needs new boilers or she will never sail again. We need your support now to save this magnificent vessel. PLEASE DONATE TODAY AND HELP SAVE WAVERLEY.

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Meet The Crew


On board, we have a dedicated team of qualified Officers and Crew. They are proud to serve on board Waverley and welcome you aboard to share in the tradition of coastal cruising.

The Master (Captain)
The Master is the highest ranking officer on board and has overall Command of the Ship. He is responsible for the safety of the Ship, passengers, crew and the environment. He is the custodian of all Certificates and official paperwork and has overall responsibility for all legislative requirements. He is the principal Bridge watchkeeping Officer and has responsibility for all berthing of the Ship. The training of Deck Officers is also within his remit.

Chief Officer (Mate)
The Chief Officer is the head of the Deck Department and will assign duties to the Bosun for the deck crew. He is second in Command of the Ship and also takes a watch on the Bridge. The Chief Officer will carry out Ship handling under the Master’s supervision. He is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all external parts of the Ship and all equipment on deck.

The Bosun
The Bosun is the foreman of deck crew and as such will assign their duties. He will often steer the Ship in & out of port. He works alongside the Chief Officer in maintaining the Ship and equipment.

Deck Crew
The deck crew are responsible for the rope handling during berthing, and leaving port. On passage they will take turns of steering when the ship is in open water. The deck crew carry out night watches when the Ship is in port. They are also responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of external spaces.

The purser is responsible for all ticket sales onboard, the collection and control of tickets during embarkation and disembarkation and all monies aboard. He assists the Mate in passenger management and makes all the passenger announcements. At busy times he is joined by an Assistant Purser.

Chief Steward
The Chief Steward is in charge of the catering operation onboard including all the passenger and crew meals, bar stock, ordering of all food, beverages, consumables and cleaning materials required.

The Cook advises the Chief Steward of all food requirements. He is in charge of the galley (kitchen) and assisted by two stewards, prepares all meals for the passengers and crew.

The Stewards serve passengers in restaurants and bars, looking after their needs and keeping all internal areas clean and tidy under the supervision of the Chief Steward.

Chief Engineer
The Chief Engineer is in charge of the engine room and is responsible for the smooth operation and maintenance of the engine and all auxiliary machinery. He is responsible for engine manoeuvres as directed by the Master and is assisted by the 2nd Engineer, Donkeyman and Fireman.

2nd Engineer
The second engineer works alongside the Chief Engineer and acts as his deputy.

Donkeyman & Fireman
The Donkeyman & Fireman are the senior and junior engine room ratings and are responsible for routine maintenance and cleaning within the engine room as directed by the Chief or 2nd Engineers.